Sustainability: Our Pledge To Do Our Part

We are proudly, ethically, and happily produced in the Philippines

Like most, we cannot say that we are 100% sustainable. This is something we continue to work on and learn more about. However, sustainability is definitely something we are mindful of and seek to integrate into our daily operations. We try our best to be as zero-waste and friendly to the environment as possible.

Who makes our clothes?

We run our own little factory comprised of a small production staff made up of only 8 people. We value our team very much and their wellbeing will always be our top priority. Together, we take small steps to make sure that we lessen the impact of our production on the environment and do what we can to lessen the waste that comes out of our factory.

What happens after the clothes are made?

All our accessories are made entirely out of our fabric remnants. We do not throw away any of the little scraps that come out of our clothing production. We do our best to repurpose them into new products or incorporate the smaller cuts into our designs. The pieces that can no longer be used by our factory are donated to organizations and livelihood programs that are able to recycle them further.

What about packaging?

Our orders are packaged in canvas bags. We limit our use of plastic solely to the courier bags used to protect our packages in transit. We also try to ensure that the waste that may come out of our packaging is limited. We opt for reusable options when we can, and limit the number of paper or printed collateral that comes with the order. For orders placed online, we do not attach hangtags to our products unless requested to lessen the amount of stuff that ends up thrown away.

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