Elana Upcycled Hat

Divine Drawstring Crop
Divine Drawstring Crop
₱1,995.00 ₱1,596.00
Grace Overlap Crop
Grace Overlap Crop
₱2,300.00 ₱1,840.00
₱1,495.00 ₱1,196.00

Upcycled excess fabric from the TSS x Meg Manzano collection with segments fashioned into a hat with straps. Available in olive and black denim.

In an effort to eliminate fabric wastage and to safeguard our team’s health and energy, we’ve decided to operate on pre-orders.

Once you ‘add to cart’ your pieces will be made by our lovely team of eight. You won’t be getting garments hidden away in a factory someplace but a newly sewn piece from a collection in limited quantities, handcrafted days before it finds a home in your ready arsenal of outfits.

Production and shipping will take about a week after you’ve purchased it on our site—giving ample time for some delayed gratification.

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Black Denim
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